I thought I would delve into this a little further. Don’t get me wrong, I also love fantasy, urban fantasy, cozy mystery, thrillers, the list goes on. But the thing I love about paranormal romance is it’s not apologetic about what it accepts into its fold. Whatever goes. The boundaries are pretty much invisible as long as there are magic and romance featured, and you tend to find the same opinion reflected in its readers. For me, as a writer, it takes the chains off and allows me to explore both the plot and the romance/character development side, stepping into a world of prophecies, limitless possibilities, and turning the heat dial up when the need calls for it. The irony of it is, the way it accepts so much, makes it human, even though it features the paranormal.

So much is impressed upon us in our day to day life; both subconsciously and consciously. We are told what to wear, how to look, how to behave, how to be if we want to be perceived as successful or accepted. Certain genres also demand restraint, and that’s why paranormal romance stands out above the rest for me.

I love the fact I have plenty of artistic material to choose from, blending it with the frustrations, fears, and judgments we face in daily life. Magic means possibilities. Magic shifts our perception away from conformity. And romance reminds us of a deeper connection in love, heat, passion—magical elements within themselves.

Everything has a dark side. Everything needs balance. And if allowed to explore our imaginations we would find our self-worth and inner strength to make strong decisions in life rather than ones ruled by fear.

Paranormal romance represents that for me in the book world. And that’s why I love it so much. It’s also why I seriously need to put a cap on my reading budget each month!

If you’re a lover of paranormal romance, then check out the Prophecy Child series and the up and coming Hiding the Sight featured on my website. Also, please check out this amazing paranormal romance author, Beth Linton, author of The Guardians Trust: Ana,  an amazing read recently released:



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