BOOK EIGHT – The Terra Vane Series

My name is Terra, and I’m a Psychic. I have visions, but I don’t think they’re going to help us where we’re going. We’ve taken on a mage, zombies, shifters, and now we’re about to take on our greatest challenge yet—all to save a friend and return from the Shadow Cities alive.

It’s time to pass through the veil into a world where the demons live, and one where rules don’t apply. It’s dog eat dog. Survival of the fittest. And challenge after challenge to get what we need to alter our friend’s deadly fate.

I have only one rule in life. Okay, I have a few. But right now, this one applies. Don’t poke the demon. And now we’re about to enter their world and poke plenty, all without the protection of a badge.

It’s time to face the demon fire, and hope we don’t get burned or dead in the process. The fate of our friend, and our world, depends on it.