BOOK SIX – The Terra Vane Series

My name is Terra, and I’m a Psychic. I have visions, and so far they’ve helped us track down almost half of the Portiside Prison escapees. After admitting my feelings to my partner, things are better than ever, but at the same time I’ve just found out that I might not be completely… human. I suppose you’ve got to take the good with the bad, and as for the ugly – I just promised a friend I’d travel to the Shifter Lands to track a predator, one that is hunting and killing the natives, his kin.

But proud, stubborn and highly secretive, wolf shifters are not known for their hospitality. Getting into their lands will be a struggle, getting answers will be a challenge, and getting assistance will be almost impossible. But I know how important family is, and I gave my word. Whatever is attacking the wolf shifters of Caladonia Moor, it’s dangerous, and I have a feeling we’re going to have one hell of a fight on our hands.