Hiding the Sight

After The Shift War of Twenty Nine, the world is a different place. Fairies now roam the earth, as do vampires and shifters. Logan Skye is human, and the only gift she has is The Sight—the capability to see beyond magical glamors or the human faces the monsters wear. Not a worthy gift to have in a place where supernaturals move about openly most of the time. But when a near-death experience thrusts Logan into another world, being a hopeless romantic from the cynical city of New York is the least of her problems.

Thank goodness for Aiden Faenala of the Green Forest, an elf sent to protect her on a so-called quest that involves Seers and a moving White Castle. He’s also easy on the eye, which doesn’t help her eager heart any. Not when he’s grumpy with a kind smile and a pole up his backside. But beggars can’t be choosers, right? Especially when the Fate of two worlds depends on it.