Hi, I’m Katie. I’m an author of urban fantasy, fantasy and paranormal romance novels, with a liking for the supernatural and what some might call the mythological.

I’ve finally made the plunge in creating a blog to help other writers, aspiring or otherwise, by drawing on my writing and publishing experiences. It’s by no means a how-to-guide on writing or a claim that I know it all. I don’t. I face new challenges every day. But it’s the passion inside us that keeps us all going, so if I can share something that will help another, then that’s good with me!

So, why The Magpie Scribes? Well, firstly, let’s stick with the magpie part of it for now. Magpies are not only potential self-fulfilling prophecies of superstition in certain places of the world, you know, one for sorrow, two for joy, but they also represent creative expression and communication. That’s why I feel they go hand in hand with writing. Many people also view magpies as a good luck symbol, so if superstition comes back into play here, I’m down with that. The Scribes part speaks for itself. For that is what I am. A scribe. A writer. And if something has drawn you to this blog, then the likelihood is that you’re one, too—even if you haven’t laid a pen to paper or finger to keyboard just yet.

I also love magic, fantasy and as mentioned above, the supernatural. That includes LOTR, Harry Potter and anything else that can snatch my attention and draw me into a world where the possibilities are endless. It’s not that much of a shock to learn that I’ve penned a few novels from such genres and that I love feisty characters with layers of emotion and back story.

For more information on my writing and published books, you can visit www.katieepstein.com where portals into other realms consisting of fantasy, urban fantasy and paranormal romance await. Until then, we shall hopefully cross paths in the realm of the magpie. A place where anything from writing fairy dust to writing pains can be shared! I’m looking forward to it!