When a young girl is kidnapped, P.I. Harry Sinclair takes the case without a second thought, but when the trail leads him to an underground club, he gets more than he bargained for. Being an ex-alcoholic, a club isn’t the best place for him to be, though when he sets eyes on the owner, the drink isn’t the only temptation he finds himself contending with.

Macey opened her club to escape the demon-hunting life, and to create a haven for all things supernatural. A gorgeous man walking through her doors would usually be a welcome surprise, but the reality soon unnerves her – not just because he’s a private investigator asking strange questions, but because he’s human.

Sparks fly as their worlds collide – the only way this girl will be found is if they work together, but as they come to terms with their newfound feelings, dark prophecies start to hint at more sinister forces being at play. A shadow approaches, and they’re about to find themselves directly in its path.

* Please note, if scenes of a sexual nature and many curse words aren’t your thing, maybe it’s best not to go any further. There is a swear jar involved, but it’s not helping much …