Short Stories complementing the TERRA VANE series

Terra Vane is a first-person urban fantasy romance series set in the world of Portiside. Mostly, we see things from the point of view of the main protagonist Terra Vane, but here you can download for free, the short stories told in the perspective of diaries from either the antagonists of certain stories in the series or supporting characters.

If you would like to download the full collection of stories you can do so by clicking on the relevant link below (please note Diary of The Bard is no longer part of the collection so don’t delete any old diary collections if you wish to keep it):

Portiside Diaries Collection KINDLE –

Portiside Diaries Collection EBOOK –

If you would prefer to download the newest diary – Diary of a Witch, written by amazing guest author, Katie-Bree Reeves – on its own, then click on the relevant link below:

Diary of a Witch KINDLE –

Diary of a Witch EBOOK –

These will remain free for a period of time.