What’s New?


After long deliberation and the introduction of the pen name Katie Carys, I’ve decided to go back to the core of why I began writing in the first place, and umbrella all of my previous and future works under the banner of Fantasy Romance. As we delve deep into the worlds I create, we’ll continue to get some urban fantasy and paranormal romance. But we’ll also get more fantasy romance, some supernatural cozy mystery, and turning up the heat with the Supernatural Alphas.

Heat levels will change depending on the story, but I think it’s safe to say there will always be romance and magic in my books predicted for the near future. Some will have a bit of slow burn, like Terra Vane, others will get right into it like the Prophecy Child series, and some …phew… fan me… some will require the door to be locked if you get my meaning (wink wink).

Katie Carys is an important name to me. Not only because I was born with the name Katie—gotta love that—but Carys, one of the names translating to love in Welsh, means both a connection to romance and magic for me. Why? Well, love is pretty much the connection to romance. But Wales… *sigh and smiles* …Wales is a place of untouched energy and magic, driving through the mountains, hearing the crashing of the crystal falls, and sensing the fairies, laughing, not forgotten, hidden away among the beauty of the hills and those who still believe. I love it. So Katie Carys is the start of a new beginning for me, connected to the true essence of who I am.

I hope you enjoy the ride, for it’s time to turn the page, and throw ourselves into a world of magic and romance.

Embrace who you are and enjoy!